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Q1.1: I've lost my password. What can I do?
The Express Connection program will e-mail your password to you. From the Welcome page, select the option for "Forgotten your password?" If you don't receive your password via email it is possible that the email address you used to join is invalid or incorrect. For additional assistance, email
Q1.2: How do I change my password?
After you successfully sign in, select the "User Prefs" option. Scroll down to the Change Password box. Enter your new password and then verify by entering it again. Be sure to select "Save Changes" to activate your new password.
Q1.3: What should my email address (Member ID) look like?
It is very important that you use your correct Internet email address when you join. Otherwise, you won't receive a confirmation when you place an order. It also makes it harder for us to contact you if we have any questions about your order. And besides, it's easier for you to remember your email address than a number we assign, don't you think?

Your online service or internet service provider can tell you what your email address is, but here are some tips for the most common providers:

Q1.4: My email address has changed -- how do I update the email address on my Express Connection account?
To update your Express Connection account to reflect a new e-mail address, please send an e-mail message to, including both the old and new e-mail addresses. Your account will be updated and a confirmation e-mail will be sent.

Q2.1: How do I search for an item?
There is now a search function that you can access by clicking on the 'Find Product' button. You may enter as many words as you would like to search by, and you will get a list of items whose descriptions match all of the words you specify. This feature will improve as we refine the item descriptions.

Q2.2: I can't find a certain item. Can I still order it?
If you can't find an item you want to order, you can use the 'comments' section in checkout to ask that the item be included. Our shoppers will do their best to include it in your order.

Q2.3: How can I get an item I buy frequently added to your on-line inventory?
If you have ordered an item by requesting it in the 'comments' section of your order, then we have noted this and will try to add the item to our on-line inventory. You can make specific suggestions by sending email to

Q3.1: When I click on the checkout button, I get no response. What's wrong?
This usually happens when a customer is accessing Schnucks Home Shopping from their employer's network. Many companies have a firewall which either prevents Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) traffic, or requires special browser settings to do so. The checkout procedure requires the use of SSL to protect your privacy. If your company uses a firewall, your company's IS staff should be able to help you with your web browser settings.

Q3.2: Why didn't I receive an email confirmation of my order?
The most common reason a customer isn't receiving email confirmation of an order they placed is that it was sent to an invalid email address. Your Member ID in the Schnucks Home Shopping system needs to be your correct Internet email address for this to work. A common mistake is to use "username@aol" when you should be using "". This goes for Prodigy and CompuServe as well. You can change your email address in Schnucks Express Connection (and thus your member ID) by selecting the 'Customer Info' button. Also, see Question 1.3 for more help on determining your correct Internet email address.

Q3.3: Can I add an item to an order that has already been placed?
As long as it's before the order deadline (11:00 a.m. for afternoon & evening deliveries, 7 p.m. the previous day for morning deliveries), you may add a few more items to an order you've already placed. To do this, submit a new order, with just the new items, for the same delivery day and time. In the comments, specify that this is an addition to a previous order, and note the previous order number. We will do our best to include the new items with the previously placed order. You will not be charged twice for delivery.

Q3.4: When I order on Tuesday morning, I only have the option for Tuesday same day delivery. What if I want my groceries later in the week?
Prior to 11:00AM on Tuesday, you may only request a Tuesday (same-day delivery). At 11:00AM on Tuesday, the new ad updates. After 11:00AM, you’ll see the correct prices for the upcoming week and be able to place an order for delivery Wednesday – Tuesday of the new ad cycle.

Q3.5: Can I use coupons with my delivery order?
Because of system constraints, no cash, gift certificates, coupons, food stamps, EBT cards or WIC vouchers will be accepted for payment of any Express Connection delivery.

Q4.1: Some items I ordered are missing from my delivery. Why?
We cannot deliver an item if the store is out of stock, and we will try to make a substitution only if that item is marked "Allow Substitutions" in your order (see the 'View Cart' section of the Tutorial). The best way to assure you will get an important item is to allow us to do substitutions when necessary.

Q4.2: If I have a problem with the delivery of my order, how do I contact Schnucks?
See the "Contacting Schnucks" section of the Tutorial for information on contacting Schnucks.

Q4.3: Should I tip the delivery person?
Tipping is not required and certainly not expected, but is always appreciated. If you choose to tip the delivery person, the amount is your decision and should be in cash only.

Q5.1: How does Schnucks use my personal information (address, phone, email, etc)?
We are currently writing up a formal privacy policy that will be published here soon. Until that detailed document is published, it is important that you know that Schnucks is protecting your privacy. All customer information (address, phone, email...) is used exclucively for purposes directly related to the operation of the Express Connection service. This information is shared with Schnucks' business partners only as necessary for this purpose, and is not sold or rented to outside parties for any reason.